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English Spice 200mg Disposable Vape Cartridge

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Spicy, Pine, Earthy  Terpene Content: (Ingredients) Terpinolene, b-Caryophyllene, Ocimene, Bisabolol, Myrcene, b-Pinene, Limonene
  • Size/Volume: 0.5mL
  • Total CBD: 200mg
  • Dose/Serving: 1.3mg/inhalation
Recommended Use: Gently inhale from the mouth piece, one inhalation is about 3-5 seconds long, then exhale slowly. Start with 2-4 puffs. We recommend waiting a few minutes to assess the effects before redosing (can take 5-10 minutes).

Disclaimer: To ensure that you receive the most benefits from your CBD products, we ask that you always consult your physician before use. Must be 18+ years older to consume. Do not consume if you are pregnant. Do not exceed recommended serving size. This product contains less than 0.3% THC.

We cannot ship to these states - Idaho, Iowa, Nebraska, and North Dakota 

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