Barrett LaRoda Jr. Biography

Barrett LaRoda Jr.

Barrett LaRoda Jr. is recognized as a millennial entrepreneur, athlete, and humanitarian. Growing up in the entertainment industry ignited his entrepreneurial passions; starting at a young age, he acquired hands-on experiences pertaining to negotiations, budgeting, and communication skills around some of the world’s elite entertainers that ultimately prepared him for his position as President of Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals.

Barrett’s platform in both industries, Entertainment and Cannabinoid, have provided him with opportunities to expand his advocacy for diversity, health and wellness, and education from a global perspective while integrating the two cohesively. 

Additionally, he currently is solidifying his educational endeavor by working towards obtaining his master’s degree in Business with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship. As a student athlete, he strives to incorporate Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals CBD products as a holistic method to alleviate any form of pain. 

His humanitarian work began in 2016 as an active global ambassador for non-profit organization, The Make A Wish Foundation, and continues to conduct speaking engagements at inner city schools to discuss the importance of education and overcoming adversity. Barrett LaRoda Jr. plans to expand his podium keynotes by curating workshops for minorities interested in starting their own business and using CBD as an alternative to cease the Opioid epidemic.